Maria Nieblas


  • Department: French Studies and Modern Languages
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Professor Nieblas arrived at The American University of Paris (AUP) in the beginning of the 1990s to teach in the Summer program and the French Immersion program. After working with different publics, namely in the “Planning and Education Department” of the UNESCO, the “Japanese delegation” of the OECD, the “Cours d’Adultes de la Mairie de Paris” (ACMA), the ESLSCA  where she received an “Outstanding  Professor Award”, and the Ecole des Mines, she joined the French department of AUP as a language and drama teacher for the year.

She teaches all levels of language. Her interest for language acquisition has pushed her to study diverse languages, such as English, Spanish, Italian and German in high school and University. Besides – by curiosity – she initiated herself to other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish. She collaborated to the elaboration of a language method… by phone!

She has also done translations for diverse reviews and worked as an interpreter for a disc production.
She – while continuing her studies – followed a drama formation at the Cours Simon, as well as other drama courses and workshops. She also worked as a professional actress with different drama companies, in Paris and elsewhere.
She is currently teaching a course on drama at AUP – “Acting in French” – in addition to her language courses.


  • Maîtrise de Français Langue Etrangère, Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Maîtrise de linguistique française, Paris IV – Sorbonne
  • Licence de Lettres Modernes, Paris IV - Sorbonne
  • Licence d'espagnol, Paris IV – Sorbonne
  • D.E.U.G. de Lettres Modernes - Paris IV - Sorbonne
  • Formation théâtrale

Conferences & Lectures

  • Octobre 2007, Animation d’un atelier au Colloque  «Savoirs et savoir-faire dans l’apprentissage et l’enseignement d’une langue étrangère» The Center of Language Research and Teaching à The American University of Paris. 

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