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Olivier Crepelliere


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In addition to a solid and founding education in the fields of Film Studies and Modern French Literature, Olivier Crépellière decided to study the teaching of French as a Foreign Language, as well as the Didactics of Languages and Training Engineering ​​at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3).

Starting his career in 2007 at the University of Philology of Novi Sad (Serbia), then returning to France on a mission for the French Ministry of Culture and Communication via the General Delegation for the French Language and languages ​​of France, he then continued his teaching in various institutions such as the University of Chicago (Center in Paris), the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm), the École Polytechnique, Sciences Po Paris, the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University (Paris 3), Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University (Paris 6), Paris Diderot University (Paris V) or even the Alliance Française de Paris Île-de-France.

For more than fifteen years, he has trained French or foreign students and teachers of absolutely all levels in: French as a Foreign Language of course, but also Image Education, French Didactics, Introduction to French Linguistics, French Academic Writing Methodology, French Civilization, French Press and Current Affairs, Corrective Phonetics, French Grammar, TCF preparation (test of knowledge of French) and DELF / DALF preparation (diplomas of studies or in-depth studies in French).

Working at AUP since 2015, he also holds a double DELF / DALF accreditation issued in 2009 by France Education International (formerly CIEP), the reference center in the field of certification and assessment of French. He can therefore both:


  • officially assess any foreigner wishing to obtain a diploma certification in French as a foreign language (which he has done by being a jury, examiner and corrector of DELF / DALF sessions several times, for the Alliance Française in particular),

  • and through its education in Language Didactics and Training Engineering, deliver to any establishment that so wishes, extensive expertise in the field of assessment and overhaul of the offer and course content adapted to the CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Finally, Olivier Crépellière believes in a new approach to language teaching through the arts and culture, which allows both to escape their instrumentalization by avoiding exclusively disciplinary approaches. but also to move to a logic of « appropriation » and not simply of « acquisition », since:


"Like long echoes that intermingle from afar
The perfumes, the colors and the sounds respond." *

* (1) Baudelaire, C., Correspondences, in The Flowers of Evil, librairie générale, 18


  • 2009 - Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris 3
    • Master's Degree in Didactics of French and Languages
    • Training Engineering for Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Languages
    • Memoir: « For a Change in the Teaching and Learning Practices of French as a Foreign Language Through the Arts »


  • 2007 - Paul Valéry University – Montpellier III
    • Master's Degree in Teaching of French As a Foreign Language
    • Professional Practices in French as a Non-Mother Tongue
    • Memoir: « Cinema and French as a Foreign Language:“Freedoms are not given, they are taken!" (or How to stop instrumentalizing the 7th art to better learn French and Cinema) »
  • 2005 - Paul Valéry University – Montpellier III
    • Bachelor's Degree in Cinema (Film Studies)
  • 2005 - Paul Valéry University – Montpellier III
    • Bachelor's Degree in Modern French Literature

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