Student life comes with its share of stress and responsibilities, which can at times become overwhelming and make you feel more vulnerable. According to the National College Health Assessment, 87% students felt overwhelmed, 85% felt exhausted (unrelated to physical activity) and 71% felt very sad any time within the last 12 months (ACHA, 2019).

At AUP, like at other universities, students may struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, addictions, PTSD, sexual assault and even suicidal thoughts.

Mental health issues can have a significant impact on your studies and attendance. Well-being is a necessary condition for you to strive, both in your personal and academic life, and we aim to provide support during difficult times.

Our counseling team is here to help you during walk-in hours or scheduled appointments. Through our counseling services, access the following resources among others.


Available resources:

Time-management tools

Doing well academically means attending classes, making time to study, handing in assignments and passing exams according to deadline. Getting organized will give you a clearer picture and help you balancing your academics with your personal life. The counseling team is here to help you learn to manage your time more efficiently. To get started, check out the following resources:

For more on time-management, and to schedule an appointment to talk about time-management skills, book an appointment with one of our counselors


The Wellness Room

AUP proposes wellness activities throughout the semester like yoga and meditation sessions in the Wellness Room to enhance your wellbeing. Take a look at the AUP Engage page to keep track of the scheduled events!

Sexual assault resources

At AUP, we aim to provide a secure and safe environment, where every student is treated with dignity, care and respect. In case of a sexual assault, the counseling team is here to accompany you throughout the legal and healing process, and to provide you with resources and referrals for support.

Suicide prevention support 

At AUP, we prioritize student’s health and safety, and our counseling services are here to evaluate the risk and urgency of the situation; the counseling team will provide you with the necessary resources to keep out of harm’s way, and in particular if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts.