Internship Spotlight

Lee-Ann Hall

Intern at the Proximity BBDO, Paris.

While about 67% of students who register internships with The American University of Paris choose to stay local and complete their internships in Paris, some return to their hometowns, and others travel somewhere new in order to absorb a different culture. AUP students are global explorers and AUP alumni live and work in 142 countries, covering just about every corner of the globe, so it’s no surprise that our students use their internships to travel and explore.

Lee-Ann Hall share her experience of interning at Proximity BBDO in Paris, France.


Tell us a little bit about your background.

Born and raised in Ohio, I obtained a BA in Video Production at Bowling Green State University. Although I did not study abroad in undergrad I once spent a summer traveling the US filming drum corps competitions and worked at Walt Disney World as a Train Conductor. Now I am finishing my Master’s degree in Paris, France.


Which company/organization are you currently interning with?

I have an internship at Proximity BBDO.


Where is your internship taking place?

I work in Paris, France.


When is your internship taking place?

Spring 2018. 


What is your job title?

International Account Management Assistant.


What types of responsibilities and/or tasks do you have in your internship? What's a typical day for you?

My primary responsibility at Proximity BBDO is managing digital marketing projects from start to finish. I coordinate between the client, the web developers, and our in-house project management and creative teams. A typical day for me is a lot like a juggling; it’s a mix of meetings and tasks to ensure that our website update or email newsletter deploys on time.


What are the biggest challenges and successes you’ve experienced during your internship?

My biggest challenge at this internship is getting into the mindset of a project manager. As this is an assistance role I often assist the project managers while working on my own projects. I was pretty stressed out at first but have successfully learned how to manage my time to work as efficiently as possible on a multitude of projects.

My biggest success so far comes from working on my client’s new email newsletters. Not only did I manage the deployment of the first newsletter, I also spent time researching the next topic and pitching it to the client for its’ approval. I really feel that I’ve gained the client’s trust throughout my internship here and it’s a big accomplishment for me.


What language(s) are you speaking/using in your internship?

We speak English with our client and other companies on the project.


Tell us about your future goals/aspirations. Is this internship relevant? Do you think it will help you along the way?

I’d say that the biggest goal I have is to work primarily in strategic marketing of digital marketing campaigns. After my internship[ I would love to continue working with the company, whether that be in France or the US. They have offices all over the world. I truly love the work that this company does and hope that I can continue to work with them in the future.


Anything else to share? 

At the end of previous internships I have always left with a feeling that although they were great, it wasn’t quite the place for me. My internship at Proximity BBDO has not only given me a great experience, it’s confirmed that I am on the right path.