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Fashion Talks

Kim Hou: About a Worker

University Room: Omid & Gisel Kordestani Rooftop Conference Center (Q-801)
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 18:30 to 19:30

Fashion Talks at AUP 2021/22 presents the series: Between Consumption, Criticism, and Activism.

The Power of Inclusivity and Self-Expression in the Fashion Industry.

Kim’s talk is part of this year's Fashion Talks at AUP entitled: Between Consumption, Criticism and Activism – organized by Professor Renate Stauss and Professor Sophie Kurkdjian (Fashion StudiesDepartment of Communication, Media and Culture).


About Kim Hou / About a Worker

Kim Hou is the co-founder and creative director of ABOUT A WORKER, which started as her graduation project for the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Together with Paul Boulenger she began to build ABOUT A WORKER as a practical social & creative system in 2017.

ABOUT A WORKER is a fashion laboratory believing in redressing the industry issues through a constant discussion between workers, consumers and the fashion elite. Until now, production, creation and consumption have been separated in many hierarchical bubbles. Due to the lack of communication between each entity, the fashion word has been neglected environmentally and ethically.Through a design curriculum happening within a dedicated time, ABOUT A WORKER gives to the unheard craftsmen of the XXI century, the opportunity to grow, express their vision of the industry, by the creation of functional and meaningful products designed and made by them . 

ABOUT A WORKER paves the way for inclusive systems, by giving workers the chance to be heard and use design as an universal language.


A recording of, "The Power of Inclusivity and Self-Expression in the Fashion Industry" will be made available shortly following the event.


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