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Fashion Talks at AUP

Fashion Talks at AUP: Clare Farrell: “DESIGNING AND DRESSING DISSENT”

University Room: Omid & Gisel Kordestani Rooftop Conference Center (Q-801)
Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 18:30 to 20:00

Fashion Talks at AUP 2022/23: Between Knowledge & Action.

About the talk:

Clare Farrell will speak about dressing dissent – in particular the Bodypolitic project that preceded the Extinction Rebellion art department from 2016-18. This was a project that used existing discarded clothing to create new meaning, using the body as a message in physical space. She will go on to explain some of the spatial design and participation design thinking in XR. Why she thinks we should be having better conversations, taking non-violent civil disobedience, and supporting people in more high-risk struggle both at home and all over the world. We must argue loudly, disagree, and still find space to be civil and kind despite our differences.

Clare’s talk is part of this year's Fashion Talks at AUP entitled: Between Knowledge & Action – organized by Professor Renate Stauss and Professor Sophie Kurkdjian (Fashion StudiesDepartment of Communication, Media and Culture). The talk is co-sponsored by the The Civic Media Lab.

Photo credit: Immo Klink

About the speaker:

Clare Farrell is an active citizen, devoting her creativity, her energy, and occasionally her personal liberty, to fight against climate collapse and the wider environmental crisis. As one of the cofounders of Extinction Rebellion her work to date has included coordinating the creative team that delivered the name, identity, and messaging that the movement set out with in 2018, co-editing the bestselling book, This is Not a Drill, and now works with the UK media team and acts as a spokesperson. Clare has a professional background in the UK fashion industry, working across the high street, luxury and ethical sectors. She has been educating on fashion, ethics and sustainability for over a decade.


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