Many companies now extend their reach across national and international borders, and the growing need for effective management and problem-solving skills that can easily cross borders is one that our department works to address with all of its classes. Strengthen your knowledge of business concepts and their application and practice your leadership skills with the International Business Administration major; apply economics to financial and non-financial institutions and markets with the International Finance major; learn the basics of small business management with the Entrepreneurship major; develop the fundamentals of managing local or global organizations both private and non-profit with the Management major; devote yourself to understanding business situations and designing information systems solutions with the Management Information Systems major; or explore the role of consumer relations and the impact of market dynamics with the Marketing major. No matter what you choose, our programs will help you thrive in today’s globalized business and financial environment.


  • Suzanne Bodevin

    Assistant Professor

  • Albert Cath

    Assistant Professor

  • Bastien Champion


  • Robert Earhart

    Associate Professor, Program Director MSc in International Management

  • Fred Einbinder

    Associate Professor

  • Gail Hamilton

    Assistant Professor, Department Chair - International Business Administration

  • Stephane Malo

    Associate Professor

  • Jean-pierre Nicolas

    Senior Lecturer

  • Evelyn Odonkor

    Assistant Professor

  • Rene Ryman

    Assistant Professor

  • Natalya Shiryaeva

    Assistant Professor

  • James Noel Ward

    Assistant Professor

  • Kate-yue Zhang

    Associate Professor

Faculty Emeriti

Ali Fatemi
Professor Emeritus
BS, Fairleigh Dickinson University
MA, PhD, New School for Social Research