International Business Administration

Major companies operate across national borders. Business relies on effective management and the ability to solve problems. Our programs in the heart of Paris teach you all the skills needed to succeed in a thriving, international environment.

International programs and careers

The Department of International Business Administration offers six majors and three minors:

  • International Business Administration addresses all the functional areas of business within an international context. In addition to learning the concepts, models, and techniques associated with business, you’ll practice problem solving, leadership, teaming, and effective communication skills. We emphasize global understanding, ethics, and responsibility.
  • International Finance is the application of economics within financial and non-financial institutions and markets. It concerns the optimal allocation of scarce financial assets, such as money, loans, bonds, stocks, and currencies. Our extensive program of finance courses prepares you to understand the economic and financial environment, and enables you to evaluate alternative investment opportunities, finance those opportunities, and manage optimal portfolios—all skills necessary for jobs in financial firms or investment banks.
  • Entrepreneurship teaches the basics of small business management and the activities required for planning and creating new enterprises within a single country and internationally. This generalist business degree is geared towards students who want to start their own business, work in a small business, work in a family business, or want to understand the management of innovation in any organization.
  • Management equips students with fundamental skills and knowledge in management of global organizations, both for-profit businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. It exposes students to various aspects of managing resources, time and personnel while providing them with an appreciation of the role of organizations in society and an understanding of how legal, economic and political developments impact organizations.
  • Management Information Systems adresses business situations and helps design information systems solutions. Students completing this major will have a general business background along with a firm grounding in computing. They will understand the functional areas of business, such as accounting, marketing, finance and information systems, and will also have experience working with databases and writing programs in Java.
  • Marketing prepares students to better understand the relationship between internal and external environment of an organization in order to better respond to market conditions. Students will learn how to conduct market research, brand a product, design advertising strategies, and they will gain an understanding of consumer behavior and marketing in an international context.

Exceptional career opportunities await our graduates.

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