As a film studies student at AUP you will gain a deep and international understanding of how the moving image shapes and reflects our contemporary world. Our courses use film as a lens to study history, culture, politics, theory and aesthetics and our hands-on screenwriting and filmmaking classes give you the chance to put your understanding into action. With our combined approach, you will graduate as a ‘technically savvy’ liberal arts student, able to process and engage the contemporary world. You will come away with terrific employable skills that will enable you to enter a wide range of careers, including journalism, advertising, arts administration, film production, marketing, public relations, publishing, TV & radio, and teaching - to name just a few. We make the most of our location in Paris to further immerse you in the contemporary film world through internships, study trips and talks by visiting filmmakers, giving you the chance to make connections with ideas, mentors and employers.





  • Valérie Berty

    Senior Lecturer

  • Valerio Coladonato

    Assistant Professor

  • Alice Craven


  • Marie Regan

    Associate Professor, Department Chair - Film Studies