We strive to help you acquire the theoretical and practical background you will need to engage with film, no matter if you choose writing, directing, producing, or another discipline through which to involve yourself with cinema. You will receive extensive training in film history, theory, and aesthetics, as well as a more nuanced awareness of how film relates to art forms like literature, theater, photography, painting, and music. While our department proposes a diverse selection of courses that cover European, American, and world cinema, our location in Paris will offer you an even broader collection of cinematic choices, thanks to unique infrastructures like the Forum des Images and La Cinémathèque, which perfectly complement our classes. By graduation, you will have gotten a close-up view of the entire world of film.


  • Valerio Coladonato

    Assistant Professor

  • Alice Craven

    Associate Professor, Department Chair

  • Scott Harris


  • Orlene McMahon


  • Marie Regan

    Associate Professor