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We are firm believers that a nuanced understanding of the past cultivates an appreciation of its relevance to the present and future and that there might be no better place for this kind of rewarding exploration than Paris, an essential partner in our curriculum. You’ll soon discover that Paris’s over-2000-year history remains accessible to you today, through its one-of-a-kind monuments, museums, and architecture: history comes alive here in the side streets and the forgotten cafes. So much more than simple dates and facts, history enables us to draw closer to our own humanity and to peoples and cultures that came before. We encourage you to delve into other disciplines like film, French, comparative literature, and politics, so as to gain a deeper understanding of where and how history is located within geographic, temporal, and cultural contexts. The past is a powerful thing and our resources will help you understand that power and how to use it.


  • Julian Culp

    Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator for Philosophy

  • Oliver Feltham


  • Peter Hägel

    Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator for Philosophy, Politics & Economics

  • Oleg Kobtzeff

    Associate Professor

  • Michelle Kuo

    Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for History, Law & Society

  • Ziad Majed

    Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for Middle East Pluralities

  • Linda Martz

    Associate Professor

  • Daniel Medin

    Professor, Department Chair - Comparative Literature & English

  • Stephen Sawyer

    Professor, Department Chair - International Comparative Politics

  • Miranda Spieler

    Associate Professor

  • Jula Wildberger


  • Albert Wu

    Associate Professor, Department Chair - History