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The operator needs to already have a Microsoft Excel installed, also needs to have AUP net id and logged on to his station using this NetID. 
In some case scenarios, before installing an Add-on some other software are recommended to be available on the user machine. That info will be detailed in the Installation Section. 
This installation is targeted for Windows users only. 

1- Find the Add-On 

Go to the start menu and search for Software Center 


Click Open 
Go under Applications and look for the Add-on  



2-Install the Add-on 

Click on the Add-On needed 
Click on Install 


In case where another software is recommended for your installation it will be mentioned by your admin as follow 



3- Check if the Add-On is installed Correctly 

Go to Excel
Search for the Add-on name Exp: Excelerator OR BIF 



4- Uninstall the Add-on 

As a user if the Add-On is no longer needed, you can go again to the Software Center/Company Portal and uninstall the Add-on. 

Go to the Software Center/Company Portal 
Click on the Add-On needed 
click on Uninstall