Degree Requirements & Worksheets

Degree requirements are the courses, internships, and other academic steps that are required to graduate with a specific degree. Please make sure to review the requirements for your specific major, minor, or graduate degree.


General Education Program

Undergraduate students at The American University of Paris are also required to complete a general education program to develop the foundations of general knowledge on which their majors are built. This general education program includes four subject areas that can be satisfied through different courses at AUP. Undergraduate transfer students can also apply some of their transfer credits towards these requirements.

In addition, our first-year students join our innovative FirstBridge learning communities when they arrive at the University. FirstBridge is a selection of paired interdisciplinary courses that take different disciplinary approaches to issues such as global warming, artificial intelligence, human rights, or visual thinking.

Below you will find undergraduate degree requirements and worksheets as well as the graduate degree requirements:

Undergraduate Programs Degree Requirements (2018/19)

To review requirements from previous academic years, please refer to the Institutional Archives page.

Students may choose to graduate under any set of degree requirements in place from when they arrived to their year of graduation. Take a look at requirements from previous years.