Film Studies Requirements

Major Requirements: BA Film Studies



General Education Requirements


Core courses (20 credits)


Group A: Film Pragmatics and the Art of Directing (12 credits)

Select three electives from Group A to concentrate on each facet of film construction, including screenwriting, production, and set design. You will also be exposed to the influences and styles of filmmaking giants like Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick in order to observe where cinema has come from and where it might be heading. 


Group B: Film Genres and Topics (8 credits)

With two electives of your choice from Group B, you will discover what links cinema to various other disciplines, art forms, and historical and current events. This will include exploring film’s connections with philosophy, gender, photography, and anthropology.


Group C: International Cinema (8 credits)

After choosing two electives from Group C, you will be able to peruse the many cinematic traditions that span the globe, including those of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Japan, and India.


Senior Project (4 credits)


Plus general electives to total 128 Credits


Departmental Honors

In addition to all required course work a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3, and write an honors thesis or complete a creative project.