Class of 2020

Senior Class Gift

The Class of 2020 Leaves Their Mark on AUP


Leave your mark with a gift of €20,20


AUP welcomes gifts from all members of the AUP community, including students, faculty & staff, alumni, parents and friends of the University. Thank you for your interest in AUP!

Leaving Your Mark

As a member of the class of 2020, you have seen first-hand the dramatic transformation and advancement that AUP has undergone in recent years. From the unveiling of the Quai d’Orsay Learning Commons, to a new era of heightened student activism and engagement on social issues, AUP has changed for the better since your arrival on campus. Such dramatic change happens because of the engagement and support of the entire community, including the financial support of alumni and parents.

In addition to the myriad of accomplishments that the Class of 2020 has already realized, your class has the opportunity to hold a unique place in AUP's history as the first to leave behind a Senior Class Gift. After a class vote, AUP's inaugural Senior Class Gift Fund will fund a commemorative water fountain on the first floor of the Combes Student Life Center.

The first fund of its kind in AUP’s history, your Class of 2020 will head-start its transition to alumni by joining the ranks of AUP’s dedicated alumni supporters, without whom AUP’s mission-driven projects would not be possible. Giving to the Class of 2020’s Senior Gift Fund will build your legacy at AUP and you will be the first to bring your class together before graduation to support AUP.

Please join us with your gift to the inaugural Senior Class Gift Fund. Every dollar and/or euro counts! In honor of your class year, the suggested amount is €20,20 – but truly, gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated. As a thank you for your support, donors will receive a limited-edition AUP Class of 2020 item.

After graduation, AUP is counting on you and the rest of your graduating class to make your impact on the world, and to stay in touch with your classmates and the University. Start today with your gift to the Class of 2020 Senior Gift Fund. 

Thank you for your support!

Our Class Representatives

Chiara Amor - Committee Chair

Madalyn Hoover

Sandra Lefaure

Ricky J. Marc

Beatrice Spencer