Citadines Aparthotel

Citadines Aparthotel (2 locations) | Spring 2024

PARTNER APARTMENT-HOTEL, available to all students

A pillar of the Parisian hospitality industry, Citadines offers ‘apartment-hotels’ in various locations with self-catered apartments in full-service 3-star hotels. AUP has reserved twin apartments (for two students) as well as studio apartments (for one student) in centrally located Citadines hotels. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, knowing that you have a comfortable, fully serviced home waiting for you at the end of each day.

Our Citadines option is uniquely positioned to assist students in their transition to Paris due to the hotels’ 24/7 front desks, where staff are available to answer students’ questions and concerns. We collaborate closely with Citadines staff to ensure that our students have the best possible residential experience.

Citadines accommodations span five different locations across Paris Intramuros:

  • 3-star Paris options 
    • Citadines République (5 2 singles)
    • Citadines  Gare d’Austerlitz (5 2 singles)

Please note: Students who sign up for Citadines will be assigned to one of their locations in Paris according to availability. Students will be able to indicate preferred locations in the comments section of the registration step. We will try our best to honor preferences upon reservation, but we cannot guarantee placement until registration has been confirmed. For shared apartments, specific assignment will be made on the basis of the roommate survey filled out by students as part of the registration process.

THE AUP Insider TIP: 

Citadines offers the best of both worlds: students have their own studios or apartments, while also benefiting from the services and assistance of dedicated, attentive hotel staff. However, because Citadines locations are not entirely occupied by AUP students, you will be sharing a floor and a building with guests who will expect the same level of courtesy, peace and quiet they would experience in any other hotel. We work closely with our Citadines partners to ensure that students fully enjoy their living experience while also being mindful of Citadines regulations and not disturbing other guests.

  • Citadines Republique: The Citadines Republique Residence is located in the heart of Paris. While it is a very busy area, residents will nonetheless have everything at their fingertips, from restaurants and cafes, to access to multiple metro lines, making it an ideal spot to begin exploring the city. Residents will also be a short walk from the famed Canal Saint-Martin, which is a lovely spot for a walk or a coffee. Living in Citadines Republique will give residents a taster of real Parisian life in a vibrant and trendy neighborhood.
  • Citadines Gare d’Austerlitz:  Only a short walk from the picturesque Jardin des Plantes park and the left bank of the Seine, Citadines Gare d’Austerlitz is ideally located for residents wishing to explore new neighborhoods in Paris. There are many train and metro lines in the area, making it easily accessible, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants.
Staff Support
  • 1 Resident Representative (see General FAQ for more information about Residence Representatives).
  • 24/7 front desk and partner building manager

Housing Options for 3 STAR RESIDENCIES

SINGLE STUDIO – (1 student) – €13,650/semester
  • One double bed
  • Weekly room cleaning service
  • Weekly change of bedsheets (making one’s bed on a daily basis is the responsibility of the student) 
  • Sheets and linens provided 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Fully equipped kitchenette (fridge/freezer, microwave, hotplates, coffee/tea machine, dishes, and cutlery) 
  • En_suite bathroom
  • Laundry room in the residence (cost of washing is not included in the rent amount)

Note: the images below are for illustrative purposes. The final design or layout of your studio/suite might be different.

Commute to Campus from Citadines Aparthotel

(Travel times are approximations and are subject to change)

Commute to Campus from Citadines Aparthotel République - 3 Stars
  • 31 minutes by public transportation
  • 26 minutes by bicycle
  • 1 hour 9 minutes by foot
  • 28 minutes by car

This PDF will give you further information about the amenities and characteristics of this location.

Commute to Campus from Citadines Gare d’Austerlitz - 3 Stars
  • 31 minutes by public transportation
  •  26 minutes by bicycle
  •  1 hour and 15 minutes by foot
  •  24 minutes by car

This PDF will give you further information about the amenities and characteristics of this location.