AUP Annonciation | Spring 2024

AUP Residence, available to full-year students only

Located on a charming pedestrian market street in the residential 16th arrondissement, the Annonciation Residence is a former hotel that has been reconverted into an AUP-only residence hall for our incoming students. Surrounded by lively stores, restaurants, and cafes, the residence has single rooms (for one student) with en-suite bathrooms, as well as a communal kitchen and dining area with individual locked cubicles in the basement, and a study lounge and private courtyard in the ground floor.

The building houses only AUP students, and with around 30 rooms, it can be a home away from home for many. Students can take advantage of the many communal spaces in the residence to get to know their neighbors and peers at AUP, with the knowledge that they have their own personal space to return to for some quiet time. The residence also houses an AUP Resident Assistant who will assist you with any issues or questions that arise in your everyday life. They will also organize get-togethers designed to foster the kind of long-lasting friendships college campuses are known to create and to further promote community within the residence. Please note that this residence has very limited availabilities – only one room open at this time.



The AUP Annonciation residence is located on a beautiful cobbled street in the chic and tranquil Passy neighborhood of the 16th. Students will have their own personal space as they each have their own bedroom and en-suite bathroom, but they will have ample opportunity to meet their other AUP peers in this building: there is a communal area equipped with seats and a tv for residents on the ground floor of the building, as well as a communal, private courtyard for those sunny Parisian days. In Annonciation, all residents also share a communal kitchen, which is equipped with microwaves, ovens, hotplates, and all the necessities for cooking, as well as ample seating where residents can eat together. If you are seeking out a residence where you have your own private bedroom and bathroom space, but where you can nonetheless meet and spend time with other AUP residents, then Annonciation might be a good option! If you are an avid cook and feel the need to have your own kitchen space, however, then Annonciation might not be the right choice for you.

Staff Support

  • 1 Resident Assistant
  • Building managed by the Housing Office


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SINGLE ROOM (1 student) – €8,125 semester
  • Approx. 10m² or 107 square feet
  • One single bed
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Weekly room cleaning service
  • Partner services for housekeeping and maintenance
  • One set of sheets and linens provided (washing linen is the responsibility of the student)
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Kitchen kit provided for each student to be used in the communal kitchen
  • Common areas: kitchen (with individual locked cubicles), study space, dining space, courtyard
  • Laundromat within a 2-min walk of the residence (cost of washing is not included in the rent amount)

Note: the images below are for illustrative purposes. The final design or layout of your room might be different.

Commute to Campus from AUP Annonciation

(Travel times are approximations and are subject to change)

  • 22 minutes by public transportation
  • 11 minutes by bicycle
  • 35 minutes by foot
  • 11 minutes by car