The Quai Learning Commons: Blending Student Academic, Personal and Professional Development

A beautiful new campus complex, co-location of student services – all very exciting unto themselves – but not by any means reflective of our complete vision for the AUP student experience.

The most effective new learning spaces are not just co-location of services but are exciting ways in which we help students to integrate their entire trajectory from beginning to beyond the institution – and also to integrate their life – their academic, their personal development and their professional development. That’s what we are really aiming at doing at AUP with the Quai d’Orsay project.

Hank Kreuzman Provost, 2017-18

The Quai facility will offer a new era of support and collaboration for student development. Students will walk from their classrooms or club meetings in Combes through the connecting glass atrium to find resources to enhance their learning in multiple forums.

Devoted to supporting excellence in learning, teaching and research, an integrated team of peers and professionals will help students become eloquent writers, develop innovative research projects, excel in their coursework and prepare for successful careers.

In the Quai building, students will find:

  • academic advising and services,
  • librarians to help access 500,000 online titles and assist their research,
  • opportunities to practice leadership and teamwork in learning groups,
  • practical planning for their career.

All of this is seamlessly supported by the innovative design of the Quai-Combes complex and its integrated services.