Writing Resources

AUPs Writing Lab is moving to online-only consultations for the remainder of Spring 2020

Using our Online Writing Lab you can receive either written feedback on a draft or real time tutoring at a distance.


Written Feedback

  • If you select Written Feedback and attach your draft, your WL tutor will type feedback and send you a file with the commented draft. We can provide the best feedback if you also attach the assignment prompt and are specific with your concerns in the appointment form.  
  • Your tutor will use Microsoft Word  or Google Docs to insert comments or use track changes with suggestions for revisions. We allocate 50 minutes to each Written Feedback appointment, so your tutor may not be able to read and comment on your entire draft. However, your tutor will still provide you with individualized feedback and suggestions for revision.


  • While the written format doesn't allow for an extended conversation about your draft, the tutor's feedback includes the questions and observations, as well as the focus on writing strategies, that you would receive in a face-to-face session. 


Live video Chat

A Live Video Chat via Teams, or google docs  is a similar experience to a face-to-face appointment because you and your tutor can converse and see one another, and you'll share your screen, so you can both view and work on your draft in real time.

 Once you and your tutor have agreed on the day and hour (specify time difference with Paris please) and the platform you will share, to meet live, upload your file and be ready to work. The appointment’s length is 40 minutes.

To make an appointment for either written feedback or real time tutoring, please make a request online or send an email to writinglabataup.edu.

In your email, please tell us

  • The name of your course and professor
  • The writing prompt and assignment
  • Where you are in the process of writing your project
  • Due date
  • Specific areas you would like the tutor to focus on (thesis, organization, introduction or conclusion, integration of sources, etc).

    Please remember that
  • Written Feedback is not proofreading or editing. Our goal is to make you your own best editor and proofreader.