About the Career Center

The Career Center

Whether you’re just starting to explore your career path, developing your professional network and application materials, or ready to seek your next opportunity, the Career Center at The American University of Paris provides resources and services to support and guide you.



We believe that professional preparedness is a valuable life skill, and it is our goal to put students in a resourceful and empowered state of mind. To do this, we give them the tools, support and confidence they need to be successful in today’s world, by: 

  • Focusing on the student. We are here for your student and what is important to them. We can help them with a wide range of issues ranging from broad career exploration to specific plans for reaching their internship, job, or higher education goals. 

  • Connecting them to resources. Career counselors have a breadth of knowledge about a variety of career fields, but our main expertise lies in the career planning process. We respect your student's privacy, their values, and their uniqueness. 

  • Requiring each student to participate. In order to make progress your student needs to be an active participant. We can advise them about appropriate action steps but they must be the one to act. 

  • Telling each student details about careers, we can help them find the resources to get the information they need. 

  • Recommending tactics and strategies for finding a job or internship. We talk with your student about ways they can discover job or internship opportunities. 


The Team

Darcee Caron, Director of Experiential Learning

Global Professional Skills Certificate Program (GPS)

Graduate Professional Portfolio Program (GPP)

Career Advising

Danielle Savage, Director of Career Advising

Alumni Affairs Liaison

Graduate School Advising

Career Advising

Isabella Archer, Internship Program Manager


Recurring Events

Global Professional Skills Certificate Program (GPS)

Lilyana YankovaAcademic & Careers Advisor

Degree-seeking student academic and career advising

Global Professional Skills Certificate Program (GPS)

Integration and Assessment

Sally BaumeAdministrative Assistant


Office coordination