First Year: Master's in Diplomacy & International Law

I was born in Jamaica, grew up in Naples, Florida, and have spent my adult life in the United States and Haiti. I’m an attorney in Florida and the US Virgin Islands, with a professional background in real estate, probate, immigration, and digital technology law. I wanted to move into international law but despite having spent three years in Haiti, working on a Rule of Law project, I was lacking the necessary educational training. I was initially drawn to AUP’s program in International Law and Diplomacy because its classes seemed ideal for bolstering my knowledge and skills in international law. Once I saw that it was in the most cosmopolitan, chic, and romantic city in the world, I was sold! 

I like AUP’s small class sizes, which facilitate intellectual and professional exchanges, as well as our practical workshops, whose immersive experiences make us that much more prepared for the international sector. I love the intellectual exchanges between myself, my fellow students, and our professors, since a classroom of students who individually hail from Angola, Spain, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, the Philippines, France, South Korea, and the US makes for some extremely lively discussions and diverse perspectives.  

Being here has added something important to my perspective of the world and has allowed me to fine-tune my career aspirations and focus my efforts.

Priscilla Armand

There are definitely elements of the AUP experience that I couldn’t have found anywhere else. I’ll never forget listening to and analyzing the firsthand testimony of a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, which I found in the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive, housed in AUP’s George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention. I later attended the Center’s Inaugural Conference, which featured, as AUP’s website described it, “prominent scholars, lawyers, and jurists discussing the evolving relationship between the law and genocide since the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg and Tokyo and the search for justice that has unfolded both inside and outside the classroom since that time”.  

Being here has added something important to my perspective of the world and has allowed me to fine-tune my career aspirations and focus my efforts. I always try to take the time to appreciate Paris’s beauty, while enjoying the cuisine, the culture, the art, the architecture, and the people, either on my own, or with my husband and two children.