Alexandra Swies G'14

MA in Global Communications

In May (2013), I graduated from college in New York and it was always a plan for me to go right to graduate school.  I felt it was the best time in my life to pursue a secondary degree, especially in the fashion capital of the world. For me, working right out of college did not make sense.  I wanted to obtain a well-rounded degree and further my education before looking for a job.

AUP had the international experience and reputation I was looking for. When AUP was first brought to my attention a year ago, I quickly began my research.  The classes in my program felt like a proper fit and could help me expand my knowledge, experience, and communication skills.  Fashion has always been a passion of mine, but AUP has the perfect program to turn my passion into a career. Ideally, I would like to become a buyer for companies like Ralph Lauren or Bergdorf Goodman. 

The fashion track has opened my eyes up to many new possibilities and helped me understand the many parts of the fashion industry. It was also very important to me to have an international education, especially when looking for internships. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and I am very fortunate for AUP to give me this opportunity to further my education here.

I am not sure what my future holds at the moment, but I know AUP will help me get there.

Alexandra Swies '14

Since arriving at AUP my experiences have been numerous and exciting. An assignment in my Fashion Systems class was to establish contact with PR representatives of fashion brands and request tickets to shows during fashion week.  I was lucky enough to attend two shows, which were incredible!  One was on top of Galeries Lafayette and the other in Palais de Tokyo. I even stood outside the more elite fashion shows like Chanel and Gareth Pugh to take in the atmosphere. Those are experiences I will never forget.

During fashion week I obtained an internship with Creative Door.  The company focuses on building new up and coming clothing and accessory brands. I was able to work with the team during buying meetings, sales meetings and assist with other activities.

Obviously being in Paris has been incredible. I live right by school and there is something new to explore everyday.  I like going to new cafes, restaurants, and bars with friends.  It seems like something different is always explored and one can never get bored in Paris. Even though I walk by the Eiffel Tower everyday I still love watching it twinkle at night. I am eager to watch the seasons change as my time progresses here.

I am not sure what my future holds at the moment, but I know AUP will help me get there. I would love to end up in New York City working for a fashion brand doing what I love. I am confident I made the right decision by coming across the ocean for my master's.