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Pass the Tech

Faculty Student Collaboration

Pass the Tech was born in a graduate Development Communications class at AUP. The students took on an assignment where they collected used laptops and sent them to Hatua Likoni, an NGO in Mombasa, Kenya, which follows and supports students from secondary school to university. Afterwards, they were challenged to create an organization that would ensure the sustainability of their efforts. In its current iteration, Pass the Tech aims to send 100 used and refurbished laptops to Mombasa each fall, so that the program’s students have laptops for their university studies.

As global citizens, Pass the Tech students acknowledge the needs in Mombasa and strive to be part of the solution by mobilizing AUP’s diverse community of alumni, faculty, and students. In 2016, students hosted a laptop collection event and created a student club that would keep the project going into spring 2017. Pass the Tech now hosts monthly on-campus laptop drop-off sessions and the leadership team is drafting a proposal to travel to Kenya to assess the viability of the program and the ways in which it can be improved.