MA in Global Communications

I was born in a small town in southern Maryland and completed my undergraduate degree in Winter Park, Florida. I spent two years working in finance, which was challenging and informative, but also not meant to be my life’s work. I wanted to go back to school, Communications seemed to encompass all that I was interested in, and once I’d read more about AUP’s coursework and its flexibility, I knew it could help me define and attain my professional goals. After hearing about its extensive roster of cultural excursions, I was sold.  

My courses have consistently combined branding theory and practical creative work, which is perfect for me since I’ll be dedicating my career to branding and design within food and wine. One of my final projects even allowed me to create and pitch my own brand, which was an academic high point, and something that I’m hoping to expand into a directed study or thesis project.  

Encountering a diverse student body, immersing myself in French culture, and having the option to tailor what I study to what I need, have all illuminated the unique nature of AUP’s academic training.

Sam McKeown

I also enjoy taking part in extracurricular activities that let me explore non-Communications interests or take my academic work further. Joining AUP’s Wine Society has broadened my viticulture knowledge, I’m a member of Chinese Club, and I helped create the graphics for the latest Peacock Plume. I’ve also been having a lot of fun sampling local coffee shops, wine stores, and Paris’s many design exhibitions, and next semester, I’ll be interning at a startup, which I’m hoping will provide more avenues for creative, professional work.  

It’s clear to me, even at this relatively early stage, that being here has helped elevate my thinking, both in terms of my academic work and planning for my professional prospects. This is in large part due to the professors, who help you realize your ambitions by motivating you to think critically and by challenging you theoretically and creatively. Encountering a diverse student body, immersing myself in French culture, and having the option to tailor what I study to what I need, have all illuminated the unique nature of AUP’s academic training.  

And let’s not forget about Paris! Living here has enhanced my educational and personal growth, as AUP’s multicultural virtues are mirrored and multiplied within the city. On top of that, Paris makes it easy to travel around Europe, thus generating even more opportunities to interact with myriad cultures, languages, and perspectives.