MA in International Affairs

I am from both Washington DC and New Canaan, Connecticut. After graduating from New Canaan High School in 2014, I attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where I graduated with a BA in Legal Studies with a particular interest in criminal prosecution. I went into college knowing that I wanted to help people in some capacity and thought law school would help me on that path. After graduation, I worked with a criminal defense lawyer and as a clerk for a trust and estates firm. As I was filling out my law school applications, I noticed programs abroad. This was an opportunity I missed as an undergraduate because of athletic commitments. After my work experience I decided I wanted a new direction for my education and that's when I found AUP. After looking at the internship opportunities, the small classroom environment and the accreditation of the professors, I knew I had to apply. 

I think my favorite moment might be coming up! I feel that the real-world experience that visiting professors bring to the classroom has an immense impact on students and will help me further direct my studies and interests. I have also loved being able to meet with professors one-on-one. They all have in-depth, interesting experiences to pass on to me. One of the most compelling aspects of AUP is the University’s dedication to expanding students’ education outside its walls. The courses are designed to have us not only think but also apply our knowledge to the real world. I look forward to the École de Guerre Practicum, where we get to play the role of important actors in a war simulation with generals from the French War College and other schools in France. There’s so much support at AUP, and we are encouraged to look for internships to continue to refine our interests and prepare us for after graduation. 

AUP has made me a bolder, more driven and more confident person with a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Beatrix Tobey

Paris has enriched my education by allowing me to apply the ideas and topics we learn in class in the culturally rich city I now get to call home. I still wake up sometimes and cannot believe I get to live in such a center of culture, history and public policy. This city provides endless resources for my studies, and AUP continually shows me new neighborhoods to take advantage of for my studies. The AUP environment is one that cannot be replaced. The mix of professors and visiting experts guides our education allowing us to gain greater knowledge than we ever could from a single lecture. 

AUP has made me a bolder, more driven and more confident person with a greater sense of purpose and direction. I moved to France without knowing the language and embarked on a program that was different from my undergrad focus. Since starting here, I have narrowed my ambition and now have a solid idea of a five- and ten-year plan for myself. I believe businesses will be the driving force for societal change, and I am excited to enter the field of advocacy and corporate responsibility. 

I am surrounded by faculty and peers who believe not only in the possibility of change in the world but also that we can be the ones to spark it, and who challenge me to find ways to achieve such change.