Connect & Communicate

Collaborate with your peers from across the University.

We may be social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working closely. Collaborative projects are popping up across the AUP community; here, you can get involved and share ideas designed to bring global explorers together. 

AUP Student Media

ASM is continuing to put out content remotely. If you’re interested in collaborating with the Peacock Plume website or Peacock Play YouTube channel, you can get in touch by emailing Anita Maksymchuk at Peacock Play ( or Lydia Wiernik at Peacock Plume ( 

The Community Bulletin Board

This was a space for community members to share their next meet-up, movie night, digital jam session or any other community gathering with the university community. 

Participate in Student Senate

Participate in Student Senate

Your senators are still meeting every week to discuss the community's most pressing questions, address concerns in an open forum and move the student agenda forward. Senate is open for everyone to join; you can listen in and ask questions. If they would like to participate or have any questions, reach out to GSC Vice President, Bileh Dougsiyeh at and USC Vice President, Michael Bowers at

Graduate Student Council Activities

Graduate Student Council Activities

While everyone has transitioned to remote life, the GSC is preparing to host a number of digital events for graduate students this semester. Stay tuned for a digital open mic via Microsoft Teams, movie nights with Netflix's new party option and other meet-ups in the coming days. More information will go up here soon, and you can also reach out to GSC President, Renee Walton, via email at

Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program

The GPS Program has now moved online. Don't forget to keep an eye on your inbox as you will receive updates about how you can progress on your GPS pathway from home. 

Alumni Network

Join AUP Global

The Class of 2020 will soon be joining the ranks of AUP alumni. To stay connected with one another after graduation, and to connect with the vast network of alumni around the world, sign up now for AUP Global. AUP Global is your go-to platform for staying in touch as an alumnus/a. You will find special invitations to alumni events, professional opportunities, ways to connect with AUP, and so much more. Sign up now using your personal email address.