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Contribute to creative projects and unwind with social events.

When adapting to so many changes, it’s important to remember to take some downtime. Here, the AUP community showcases its creativity and shares ideas for digital social gatherings – because self-isolation doesn’t have to be antisocial. 

Virtual Cultural Resources

Explore the greatest cultural experiences the world has to offer from the comfort of your home. All resources listed below are externally sourced and not produced by AUP. Help us add to our list and send your virtual cultural recommendations to

Museums and Libraries

Museums and Libraries


  • Virtual museum visits available on Google - visit
  • Free virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel - visit
  • Have a look at Notre-Dame de Paris - visit 


  • The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) has made millions of digital resources available for free online including books, images, music, conferences and virtual expositions. - read
Theatre & Music

Theatre & Music


  • New York Metropolitan Opera is offering free online Ballets and Opera: watch here and here
  • 15 Musicals & Broadway Shows available online - watch 
  • A DJ created a 7 hour set, if you ever want to have your own party - listen


  • Paris Opera has free online Ballets or Opera - watch
  • You can watch some shows, Operas and Ballet on the French France TV site - watch
Sports and Welness

Sports and Welness


  • Alumna Julie Rammal '00 has created a series of physical workouts and meditation exercises as a part of her initiative, Holistic Movement. You can follow along with her videos on her YouTube channel here, or you can learn how to join her Instagram Live workshops by visiting her website, here
  • Mills at Home - watch
  • Planet Fitness at Home - watch
  • Free 1 month yoga trial: watch here and here
  • Affordable yoga sessions - watch
  • Yoga Youtube Channel - watch
  • Physical Exercise with Joe - watch

Cultural Program Show & Tell

Did you participate in a Cultural Program study trip or excursion in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020? The Cultural Program Office created the video below to celebrate the incredible trips that happened during the academic year 2019–2020. 

Student Publications

NEW: Paris/Atlantic Digital Issue

Paris/Atlantic is proud to announce the launch of its new digital issue. On April 28, the publication team held a virtual launch celebration with the AUP community. 

You can now read the new issue of Paris/Atlantic here.