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Updates on academic life at AUP and tips on going remote.

Going remote may be a challenge, but it comes with a host of new opportunities. Academic life is continuing in earnest across the University; here, we share tips and advice from the AUP community on remote learning, teaching and working. 

The Learning Laboratory

This video series was created as a way for faculty and staff to shift the conversation about Covid-19 toward academic rigor and intellectual pursuit, by approaching the subject from a pedagogical and multidisciplinary perspective.

Moving forward, we are expanding the Learning Laboratory video series to cover a wide range of topics to give faculty and staff a platform to discuss subjects in relation to other major current events.

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Episode 10: Public Finance in Extreme Circumstances
Prof. Stephen Sawyer

Remote Learning

Find all the tools and information that you need to master your remote learning experience. Any content we should be adding here? (subject: Remote%20Learning%20Section%20Suggestion) (Write us a quick message).

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Remote Teaching

Equip yourself with the tools and resources for successful remote teaching sessions. Any content we should be adding here? (subject: Remote%20Teaching%20Section%20Suggestion) (Write us a quick message).

Remote Working

Get all the tips and resources you need to set yourself up for the perfect home office. Any content we should be adding here? (subject: Remote%20Working%20Section%20Suggestion) (Write us a quick message).