AUP's Director of Career Development is quoted in the BBC

April 28, 2015

In many cultures, the idea of “selling oneself” during a job interview is distasteful. So some would-be employees are already at a disadvantage.

Danielle Savage helps current and former students around this disdain for self-promotion. She likens the preparation for an interview to what marketers do: study up to know their market.“As a candidate, you need to know your potential employers’ needs, wants and pain points. Then it’s up to you to craft stories that give examples of how you used your key attributes to solve problems similar to those experienced by your interviewer,” Savage said in an email. “This shifts the focus from what might be perceived as bragging or mindlessly repeating what’s on your resume (CV), to what the employer needs and what you as a candidate can bring to the table.”

Read the full BBC Capital article here.