Special Events Week at AUP

December 15, 2015

What happens when you dig a little deeper into the world of AUP? You’ll discover a treasure trove of creativity and knowledge, coupled with people whose areas of expertise might surprise you. What happens when you ask these people to share their insights with the AUP community? An amazing program is born!

In just one day, Professor Claudio Piani will help us decipher the Paris COP21 Agreement on Climate Change, Pauline Bonnet of the Registrar’s Office will feed us homemade organic energy bites, Professors Ruth Corran, Elena Berg and Claudio Piani will take us on a trip to a four-dimensional light show, and Professors Ziad Majed and Susan Perry will organize a lecture on Palestine and the International Court of Justice. A whole week of exploration awaits, with student film night, walks in Paris led by AUP faculty, yoga, music, lectures, and round tables on literature, media, the environment and marketing messages. See individual event listings on the AUP website for dates, times, locations and descriptions.

Hope to see you there!