The GPS Team is comprised of AUP staff members coming from Academic Affairs and Student Development. The team members all contribute in a variety of different ways to the GPS Program: coordinating events, leading workshops, maintaining and developing the AUP Engage platform, collaborating with other staff and faculty, managing program assessment and development, and of course, working closely with AUP students who participate in the GPS Program!

Darcee Caron, Director of the Center for Academic Advising, Careers, and Experiential Learning

Kevin Fore, Dean of Student Development

Danielle Savage, Director of Career Advising

Isabella Archer, Internship Program Manager

Kortney Nosakowski, Associate Registrar

Ashkan Shalbaf, Athletics Coordinator

Pamela Montfort, Counselor

Alexis Dang, Cultural Programs Manager

Olivia Grobocopatel

Lilyana Yankova, Academic & Career Advisor

Sally Baume, ACE Team Assistant