Your GPS Path in AUP Engage

All AUP students have access to the Global Professional Skills Program path in AUP Engage. Note that if you are senior in the 2019/2020 academic year, and you wish to participate in the GPS Program, you must sign up, attend an info session, and you will be given access to a special GPS path for seniors this year.

The GPS Paths in AUP Engage are dynamic, you will be able to click through requirements, completing and submitting items that apply to you… and many of you will be surprised to find that you have already completed a number of requirements!

To view the GPS path, login to AUP Engage, then scroll down on the homepage, and just under the list of upcoming events, in the column on the right, you will see a link to the GPS path:

gps seniors 1.png

The path is dynamic, everything is clickable. If you click on a core capability at the top:

path 2.png

…it will pop open the list of requirements for that capability down below:

path 3.png

If you click on a requirement item, a new page opens with more information about that specific requirement:

path 4.png

The requirement might be that you become a member of an organization. If so, the page will give you a list of the organizations that satisfy the requirement:

path 5.png

The requirement might be that you attend a certain type of event. If so, the page will give you a list of events that satisfy the requirement, which you can filter by events this week, this month, or in the past.

path 6.png

The requirement may be a “reported experience”. If so, the page will instruct you to click “Report Experience” and select the appropriate experience. You will arrive at a new page and should follow the instructions carefully.

path 7.png

It is recommended that you take 30 minutes when you first access the GPS Path to click through all of the requirements, taking a moment to understand each one. From there, you should be able to develop a plan for how you intend to complete the GPS Program. If you’re having trouble (maybe you are not sure where one of your activities fits in, for example) you can feel very welcome to email with any questions – the GPS Team is invested in your success and will be very happy to help you trouble shoot!

Now you know all the basics of working through your personal GPS Path on AUP Engage. But wait… there’s more! You also have a co-curricular record on AUP Engage! Learn how to access, view, edit, and add to your CCR here.