AUP Cares is a philanthropic club that was launched at the beginning of the fall semester 2013. The club's goals are to raise awareness and inspire students from the AUP community to take initiative in lending a helping hand towards the less fortunate both locally and internationally.


AUP Cares' activities

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill

AUP Cares is a student led charity initiative at AUP. Our goal is to encourage the participation of AUP students in local and international outreach programs. We focus primarily on ‘human-care’ initiatives. The model of our club revolves around a dual concept of fundraising drives and volunteering. AUP Cares aims to promote a moral consciousness amongst students towards the social struggles within our society, and encourages the concept of charity in terms of what it truly means to give to those who are less fortunate. The club offers a platform for students to contribute to our fundraising drives and participate in volunteer activities.


Who do we help?

Initially we started solely with Afrika Tikkun, a charity based out of South Africa helping families in-need. Building houses and education are their main goals at hand in rebuilding the townships and South African community around them.

We have also partnered up and decided to help Keep A Child Alive, a foundation dedicated to providing health care, food, support systems and love to children affected by HIV and their families. They help families  from India, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Lastly, we wanted to help the community around us here in Paris. We have decided to volunteer at La Chorba, a soup kitchen in Paris. That way we can have more of a ‘hands on approach’ in helping those in need around us.


Join us and make a difference!

Becoming a member of AUP Cares opens up various opportunities to gain beneficial skills and experience from working with charity organizations. The club gives students the ability to bring forth charitable interests they find important for AUP Cares to support, which facilitates an effective and interactive form of communication amongst our members and club leaders. Working together is key to making an effective change to the lives of those in need. We hope that as our club grows and develops over time we will successfully further the spirit of community within our club, our university and our Parisian environment.