The Creative Writing Club was started in 2013 by the then-Writer-In-Residence, best-selling author Andrew Davidson, as a way to provide AUP students with a writing community. Since he attributed a lot of his success to the writing groups he found during his time in college, he wanted to recreate that experience for us here at AUP.

Creative Writing Club's mission

The club aims not only to be a helpful resource for burgeoning AUP writers, but also to be a community where its members can find feedback, encouragement and also moral support. Since its founding the club has expanded its roster to welcome not only prose writers, but also poets, screenwriters and essayists, so if you're at all interested in sharing your work or starting to write, drop by and say hi! Many of our past members have eventually gone on to be published. We strive to make that a reality for all our members.


Creative Writing Club's activities

  • Weekly meetings

  • Hosting two events per year where our members can read their work out to the larger AUP audience

  • Inviting guest authors to drop-by for a talk and a Q&A