Roots & Shoots is a chapter of the Jane Goodall Institute. Like its mother organization, the club addresses problems related to human rights, animal rights, and environmental issues.

The club welcomes the socially minded and environmentally conscious looking for ways to get involved and better the world around them. Organizing students to join activities focused on increasing awareness and aiding solutions, the AUP chapter provides service opportunities while uniting a fun network of students dedicated to bettering their community.

The club hopes to create a dynamic balance of input and output, offering you plenty of activities each month that will keep you busy. The beauty of it is that you get to decide how much you want to be involved.

If you have other projects you’re passionate about or if you want to join us, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact Roots & Shoots at with your ideas or with any questions.


Roots & Shoots activities

  • Weekly bake sales for My Future Yemen, an association that helps to keep young girls in education in Yemen
  • Regular meetings
  • Fundraising events for AJMJTO, an association that provides for school children on an island off the coast of Madagascar by building schools and raising the necessary funds to maintain them with running water and electricity
  • Volunteer sessions cleaning up the river Seine with the Organe de Sauvetage Ecologique