Have something you’d like to share with the AUP community? Want to get people involved around a passion of yours? Do you need the extra help and resources to get things started?

Seize the opportunity today to bring something new to campus and learn in the process. Being a club leader or taking the lead on a project for the AUP community is not only fun but also an opportunity for you to develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

Just follow these simple instructions to get started:


Activate your club

At the beginning of each semester, you must either start or restart you club by submitting an online application. You’ll need to give the name of your club, its leader, contact details and a mission statement. In your mission statement, explain why you decided to start the club, what kind of events you hope to plan and how often you plan for the group to meet. 

Include the name of any faculty or staff advisor that will be supporting your club. The Student Leadership Office can also help you with this. We strongly recommend that you work with a faculty advisor who can provide guidance and support for your club. Although they may just be in background of your club, having a faculty member can provide a sense of stability, allowing clubs to continue for years to come.

Once your online application is reviewed and validated, you will receive an email from Student Leadership confirming that your application has been accepted. As an officially recognized AUP club, you benefit from access to SGA funding, staff and faculty support, campus facilities and more.


Request a budget for your club or project

Will you need funding for your club or for a project that you would like to take the lead on? If so, then you must meet with the Activities & Clubs Committee and make a budget request.

AUP permits a budget of €100,000 to be allocated for various student activities through its student government and senate. The majority of this budget (€88,000) is reserved for clubs and activities. The Activities & Clubs Committee’s job is to help the allocation process run as effectively as possible.

Working closely with the SGA treasurer, we will help you to finalize your budget so that it has the best chances of being approved by the Student Senate. 

The ACC will present your budget request to the senate so it’s important that they understand your financial planning. If ever they do not agree with your budget, you can still present to the Student Senate individually.

ACC Office hours are announced at the start of each semester. Click here for more about the ACC.