AUP Wine Society is an organization open to all students at the American University of Paris who are interested in learning more about all the aspects of French wine. The Wine Society’s mission is to promote the discovery and enjoyment of French wine by all. We offer many different opportunities to learn more about the extraordinary history, cultural heritage and unique traditions to introduce you to the world of French wine. We strive to develop an understanding and appreciation for the diverse wine-producing regions of France and to learn the proper ways to taste and enjoy wine.

Our activities

The main activities of the Wine Society include regular group meetings where we partake in regionally themed wine tastings. We will explore local wine tastings and events that will further our understanding and appreciation of French wine. Several times in the year, we collaborate with the Cultural Program, the Student Leadership office, Academic departments and other student run groups, to organize excursions, guided tastings, and other social events such as the Mona Bismarck International Student Night, Wine, Cheese & Chocolate tasting at AUP, and the ACC Christmas Holiday Bash.

Weekly meetings

Official Wine Society meetings will be held every other week on campus led by the President. Each meeting will be centered on a specific topic of wine appreciation as well as a tasting.