Each graduate student council member has the unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on the university student body. Council members are good team players with the ability to commit a significant amount of time and effort to participating in SGA.

Once elected, council members receive a €400 stipend and a €500 orientation payment each semester. Additionally, council members receive a monthly phone stipend as well as access to the SGA office, including a workstation, printing rights, and a university phone line.

Graduate Student Council (GSC) - Executive Team

GSC President

Governing with the utmost consideration for the advancement and success of academic, social, and professional graduate student initiatives; liaising between graduate students and all University constituents to voice their needs, opinions, and requests. 

GSC Vice-President

Contributing to the collective objectives of the GSC, supporting the GSC President, serving as executive liaison between graduate and alumni affairs, contributing to the success of SGA Committees and overseeing the processes at student Senate meetings. 

GSC Communications Director
Encouraging the AUP graduate student community to actively participate in various social events both on campus and in Paris. 

GSC Social Director

Managing logistical and planning needs for USC and GSC-sponsored events. Essential for the organization and execution of the Spring Graduation Gala. 

GSC Representatives

The Student Senate is the Student Government Association’s main decision-making body. The Senate plays a key function in the representative role of the SGA, and works together with the Executive Board to manage Committees and to uphold the Constitution; guaranteeing that Student rights are observed and their voices are heard. Representatives of each masters program are elected to attend Senate meetings and GSC meetings, serving as ambassadors to their programs and liaisons between their program's professors and the Student Government. 


Student Government Association Treasurer

The SGA Treasurer [pdf] serves the entire student government association, is independent of both the undergraduate and graduate council, and is open to a graduate or undergraduate student. He or she manages the sizable student government budget, often over €100,000 per year, and should have a knack for accounting and juggling numbers. 

If any of these positions interest you, why not consider running for office? Or, feel free to contact the student leadership office if you have any questions.