Incoming First-year Students

Housing without the guesswork

You are about to embark on a new journey as a college student, a resident of France, and a Parisian. The beauty, size, and safety of our city make it intimate and easy to get to know, but the way things work here may be very new to you. By providing safe, affordable accommodations within easy commuting distance to AUP’s campus, we help you acquire the global sense of independence that generations of AUP graduates have gained. We also take all the guesswork out of the housing process for you. 

For your first year, we ensure that your housing needs are met. The University requires all new undergraduates to arrange housing with our housing partner,  BlueStripe (formerly known as Comforts of Home), or to apply for a homestay with AUP in order to ease their integration to Paris, and to initiate social links creating a sense of community amongst you and your classmates. As you get acclimated to life in the French capital, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops organized by the Housing Office that will prepare you for an independent living situation starting your sophomore year. One of the advantages of BlueStripe is that your address, your roommates’ names and contact information, and your morning route to AUP will be shared with you about two weeks before you arrive on campus.  When you get here, ready to start your new life in Paris, all you’ll have left to do is unpack.

Please keep in mind that housing accommodations in European cities may differ from what you are used to. Bathrooms are smaller and water pressure is generally less strong than it is elsewhere. You may have to walk up stairs to your apartment. BlueStripe maintains about 250 apartments across the city of Paris, and each one is unique. Some apartments have spectacular views; others are close to a great park. Some are located in bustling, vibrant neighborhoods; others are in peaceful exclusively residential settings. Some apartments are an easy walk from campus while others require a metro or bus ride. Whichever one becomes your temporary Parisian home, each apartment has an unmistakable charm—that of being located in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. 

Part of college also involves learning to live with roommates. Yours may become your best friends, or you may choose to change at the end of the semester; either way, you’ll have a built-in community even before you arrive in Paris. 


Financial assistance

Incoming first-year students who opt for a  BlueStripe apartment may be eligible to apply for the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales)—a rent abatement from the French government that lowers the cost of housing for many students. 

This subsidy is available to students who will obtain a “carte de séjour” and open a French bank account. The CAF is a French government agency that is unaffiliated with BlueStripe. The CAF is the sole entity that determines whether you qualify and how much the subsidy will be. Please note that students will only be eligible for subsidies on the rent portion of their housing payments, which does not include services fees. 

Please see the BlueStripe website for more information. Additionally, AUP’s Residential Life team regularly organize workshops to help you prepare your CAF application and to answer any questions you may have.




BlueStripe, AUP’s housing partner, arranges shared housing for first-year students. Formerly known as Comforts of Home, BlueStripe provides shared living arrangements in authentic Parisian apartments, which preserve the experience of living in the city while at the same time giving you the safety and feel of an American college setting. By sharing a home with fellow classmates, you are able to take advantage of AUP’s rich cultural diversity right from the start of your experience here. Each furnished apartment features a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Most students will share a double bedroom with a roommate, and enjoy the shared common spaces open to all. Wireless Internet access, utilities, and housing taxes are included in the rental cost, and all apartments are within approximately 30 minutes of commuting distance to AUP. BlueStripe is at your service if maintenance issues such as leaks, malfunctioning appliances, or heat and hot water issues should arise. In addition, you may be eligible to apply for the CAF—a rent abatement from the French government that lowers the cost of housing for many students.

To reserve with BlueStripe, please visit their website.



If you are looking for an intimate, personal introduction into Parisian life, you may want to consider a homestay. Students who live in a homestay may have an opportunity to practice their French and will glean local insight from a Parisian.

Homestay options through the Housing Office vary, but generally include a single room in a large Parisian family apartment.  Some of our hosts are working couples with children, while others are single or retired. The Housing Office will work with you to find the best possible option for your first year at AUP. 

To inquire about reserving a homestay with the Housing Office, please fill out and return our Homestay Request Form

You should begin your housing reservation as soon as you have confirmed attendance with AUP.
The deadline to reserve is May 1, or one week following confirmation for those accepted after May 1.

You will receive final confirmation of your address and roommates or hosts at least two weeks prior to your arrival in Paris.