Your CCR in AUP Engage

Every AUP Student has their own Co-curricular Record (CCR) in AUP Engage.

The AUP Engage platform tracks three types of information, (1) organization membership, (2) reported experiences, (3) event attendance.

1. Organization membership

The tracking of organization membership in AUP Engage includes your membership in clubs, sports teams, recreational activity clubs, committees, student government, ARC/tutoring, ASM Board, etc. When you become a member of an organization in AUP Engage, your membership is automatically added to your CCR.

Since AUP Engage is a new tool at AUP, launched in Spring 2019, your memberships before Spring 2019 may or may not have been tracked in your AUP Engage profile. If you were a member of an organization, or held a leadership role, and that information is not reflected on your CCR, the GPS team offers you a process to declare that information and, subject to its validation, have it added to your CCR and, when applicable, receive GPS credit.

To declare retroactive organization membership/leadership: submit this web form.

NOTE: You must submit the web form one time for each individual membership/leadership role that you wish to declare. After you have submitted the web form, the GPS team will work to validate your declaration, and once validated, the organization membership/leadership role will be added to your CCR and, if applicable, you will receive GPS credit. You will not be notified when your declaration is validated (so be sure to check back on your CCR & GPS Path regularly), however you will be contacted if the GPS team requires more information or is unable to validate your declaration.

2. Reported experiences

You can submit and track reported experiences through the GPS path (explained in detail on the Your GPS Path in AUP Engage page) and via the Reported Experience tool on AUP Engage (explained in detail below).

NOTE: Be sure to check out the list of Reported Experience categories in the Reported Experiences section below. The categories will give you a clear understanding of the types of activities that can count as Reported Experiences.

3. Event attendance

The tracking of event attendance in AUP Engage began in Spring 2019 (with some exceptions for some GPS events in Fall 2018). In order for your attendance at an event to be tracked in AUP Engage, that specific event must actually exist in AUP Engage. This means that (with extremely few exceptions) events that took place before Spring 2019 will not be trackable in AUP Engage, and thus will not be able to be added to your CCR.

Accessing and editing your CCR

To view your CCR, click your personal menu (top right) and then click “Co-Curricular Record”

ccr 1.png


You arrive at page where you can view and manipulate an editable version of your CCR:

ccr 2.png


To view a “clean” version of your CCR, click “Print View/PDF” at the top:

ccr 3.png


You can use the “up”, “down”, and “hide” buttons to change the order of entries within each section of your CCR and to hide certain entries. You may want to customize your CCR based on how you plan to use it. Some experiences might be more relevant than others depending on if you are, for example, applying for an internship or applying to graduate school…



If you have hidden an entry, and you want to unhide it, click the “ADD” button next to the label of that section of your CCR. ***NOTE: These “ADD” buttons are not where you go to new entries to your CCR. Remember these three things about adding entries to your CCR:

  • Event attendance is added to your CCR automatically (only for events where attendance is taken and only since Spring 2019).
  • Organization membership/leadership is added to your CCR automatically since Spring 2019. To add organization membership/leadership from before Spring 2019 to your CCR, you must submit this web form (one submission for each entry).
  • Reported experiences can be added to your CCR through your GPS path and through the Reported Experience Tool. Learn how to use the tool in the Reported Experiences section below.


ccr 5.png


Using the Reported Experiences Tool

You should use this tool when:

  • You are submitting a Reported experience that you do not want or need GPS Credit for.
  • You have already submitted the Reported Experience once through the GPS Path for GPS credit, and now you are submitting again to add another experience of the same type to your CCR.

To access the Reported Experiences Tool, click your personal menu (top right) and then click “Experiences”

ccr 7.png


You will arrive at your “My Experiences” page. There is a list of all of the Reported Experiences you have declared, their status (approved, pending, etc.), their types, and there is a button next to each (far right) that you click on to edit each experience. At the top right of the page is a blue button that says “Add Experience” – this is where you can go add as many new experiences as you wish!

ccr 8.png

reported experiences

Reported experiences in AUP Engage allow you to add a large variety of experiences to your CCR. They can be added via the GPS Path or via the Reported Experiences tool.

***NOTE: If there is a reported experience that you wish to declare, and that counts for credit in your GPS Path, please declare the reported experience through your GPS path. For information on how to do this, check out this page: Your GPS Path in AUP Engage.
Academic Research and Practice

This is an opportunity for you to request credit towards your completion of the GPS Program for research and other such professional activities you have engaged in with faculty. Activities can include research assistantships, research partnerships, directed studies, fieldwork, lab work, etc.

AUP Global Mentoring

The AUP Global Mentoring Program is an exciting opportunity for you to get to know and network with an AUP alum and obtain support in areas such as how to make the most of your time at AUP, setting and achieving your goals, identifying potential careers, and planning for life after graduation.  By participating in the AUP Global Mentoring Program, you have a unique opportunity to receive help, inspiration, and motivation for achieving your personal and professional goals.  Reaching out to alumni is a great way to invest in your career preparation while growing your professional network. The Global Mentoring Program spans an academic semester and is co-run by the Outreach and Advancement Office and the Center for Academic, Careers, and Experiential Advising.

LinkedIn Learning Certification

AUP students have free access to the LinkedIn Learning online learning platform and are encouraged to complete courses that help them cultivate special skills. Access LinkedIn Learning for here (log in with your AUP ID and register):

Publications & Public Speaking

Publishing and public speaking are wonderful ways to develop your credibility and skill set as a professional. A professional thought leader might publish posts or articles on LinkedIn or on a blog, might speak at events or conferences, or even publish a book. To satisfy this requirement, it is sufficient to publish three brief articles on your LinkedIn or on a blog related to the industry you wish to work in, the type of job you want to do, or something you care about.Another option is to present at an event or conference. Or to publish an article in a scholarly journal or other non-personal venue.

Additional Professional Experience

This is an opportunity for students to request credit towards their completion of the GPS Program for activities they have engaged in that are not already accounted for in the program design, but that the student feels have contributed to their development of career/professional skills.

Active Gym Membership

To fulfill this requirement, students must swipe-in at the gym at least 10 times in one semester.

Other Regular Physical Activity
Other Self-Care, Wellness, or Self-Improvement Activity
Active Member of a Student Organization

Club leadership includes active roles in a club such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Editor, Communications Director, etc.

20 Hours of Community Service

Significant volunteer experience that is not through one of AUP's service organizations. Experiences taking place off-campus may count on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Leadership Experience

This is an opportunity for students to request credit towards their completion of the GPS Program for activities they have engaged in that are not already accounted for in the program design, but that the student feels have contributed to their development of leadership skills.

Study Abroad

AUP students are able to study abroad either through an AUP partner institution, or on their own.

Additional Cultural Fluency Experience

This is an opportunity for students to request credit towards their completion of the GPS Program for activities they have engaged in that are not already accounted for in the program design, but that the student feels have contributed to the development of their cultural fluency. Some examples might include 15-20 hours of volunteer service or work in a non-native language, research on a cultural topic with a faculty member, etc.