Robin Davis G'17

MA in Global Communications

I was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. I graduated from Howard University and then decided to move to New York City for a job with NBC News. After a fulfilling and award-winning 10-year career at NBC, I moved to Paris in August of 2016. I was inspired to apply to AUP because it appealed to my desire to have an international career. I enjoyed my work as a television journalist immensely but I wanted to take my career abroad. When I read about the Masters in Global Communications program, it seemed like a great fit to help me make global connections and further my journalism and communications career.

Knowing that I wanted to continue my journalism career, choosing my courses at AUP wasn't difficult for me. Politics and Economics of Global Media, the Digital Media Writing Practicum, and Development Communications were all classes that really broadened my skills in the field of communications. My favorite moments at AUP were the spirited debates in these classes. Because AUP brings together an incredibly diverse group of people and the classroom debates often get lively and, at some points, tense. The classroom exchange of ideas in these courses will always be among my fondest memories at AUP. This aspect of the classroom experience is oftentimes overlooked, but it is an experience like no other.

I now have access to a fantastic alumni network around the world and am continuously inspired by the work they do.

Robin Allison Davis '17

Many schools claim to be international, but I was surprised by how diverse the student population is at AUP. I've connected with students from many different backgrounds who I may not have connected with in a lifetime in the United States. Many of the students here are not just bilingual, but multi-lingual. It's extremely enlightening to meet so many people from different cultures and perspectives. Though I enjoyed the totality of my AUP experience, what I enjoyed the most was the people I met and the connections I made. I didn't expect to meet and become friends with so many dynamic international people. These connections are priceless.

The University’s location in the middle of Paris was one of the main reasons I chose AUP. In addition to being in the best position to learn French, there are many opportunities available in Paris and AUP helps you build a network here to take advantage of them. As an example, while at AUP, I was able to attend sessions at the UNESCO headquarters, as well as the Paris offices of Edelman and Google. In addition, I worked as a freelance journalist and content creator. I wrote for several websites, including my own, 9 to 5 Wanderlust. I also created brand videos for online businesses and offered travel consultation services as well. I completed a communications internship at UNESCO in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department, where I developed their media kit, created and implemented their social media strategy and wrote their news items. I also worked as a teaching assistant with the video journalism undergraduate course (Peacock Play) and helped undergraduate students develop their story ideas.

Today, I’m a Multimedia Executive Producer at the OECD here in Paris, where I launched and am the executive producer of OECD Podcasts. I also conceive, write, film and produce creative storytelling video content for OECD messages and priorities. AUP has influenced my career aspirations by opening me up to opportunities I would not have previously considered, such as working for an NGO and involving myself in communications for development. I am continuing my work as a journalist and producer, freelancing for various media outlets and lending my expertise to various productions.

I now have access to a fantastic alumni network around the world and am continuously inspired by the work they do.