Jacinda Carlisle G'20

"AUP offers exceptional opportunities for study and achievement"

I grew up in a small town in Alabama where my intuition always whispered, "there is more." In open fields, twirling amid intoxicating cricket sounds and glittering fireflies, I dreamed of finding my purpose. My parents have always encouraged me to go further than our ancestors; to dream bigger. As the first female in our family to attend college, graduating with honors from The University of Alabama was a dream come true.  

Junior year, I interned with the Public Defender’s office. Prior to graduating, a staff attorney suggested a court advocate position with a domestic violence agency, as I was eager to investigate various facets of the law. It was a perfect transition, as I was a political science graduate contemplating law school. Interviewing victims and perpetrators and recommending sentences allowed me to utilize my analytical and critical thinking skills and stand firm on my convictions. Our team lobbied for protective laws and I was honored to present a domestic violence platform I created to the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill. I co-hosted a domestic violence telethon, trained law enforcement officers on domestic violence and sexual assault, filmed public service announcements and traveled nationally as a public speaker and expert. 

While I was accepted into law school, my advocacy work gave voice to my passion and I moved to New York City – the hub for US United Nations activity – where I worked both in the corporate sector of a fashion company and as a freelance journalist covering topics ranging from pop culture to politics. I was also a member of the nonprofit organization, New York Women in Film and Television. As a passionate humanitarian and committed advocate for women and children, I became a member of the Metro NY chapter of UN Women and regularly participated in sessions at the UN, including International Women's Day and the International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls. 

At AUP, your voice matters and your opinions and insight are valued. Each day offers the promise of fulfilling your highest potential – you must simply take the leap.

Jacinda Carlisle

France has been my first time living abroad and it is beyond my wildest dreams! Intent on answering that internal call for more, I began online research on a wide range of topics of interest – including Paris. AUP was the only university I encountered offering the education I desired: an in-depth study of communications theory with hands-on practical experience – and in a city that I adore. As a graduate student of the MA in Global Communications, I aim to become a game changer for human rights, working with the UN and international agencies on matters of gender equality, culture, diversity and the media across the globe. My goal is an international career in journalism and media, so my courses are tailored to fit my aspirations. What AUP offers is unique, producing knowledgeable, well-versed graduates with a myriad of career choices. 

With its diverse curriculum and distinguished roster of professors, AUP offers exceptional opportunities for study and achievement. Not only do you study in Paris, but you also have the opportunity to further your education all over the world! Fez, Morocco, was my first cultural trip, and it opened my eyes to a culture I might never have had the opportunity to experience without AUP. Rare moments such as discussing the lives of women in Fez with Professors Doyle and Guinness over coffee and dessert in the medina, joyfully dancing during festival concerts, having tea with the locals and learning Moroccan customs and traditions, are invaluable treasures I will forever hold dear. 

At AUP, your voice matters and your opinions and insight are valued. Each day offers the promise of fulfilling your highest potential – you must simply take the leap. The professors challenge you to examine history with theory, while formulating your own thoughts and opinions. I am encouraged to think outside of the box while offering solutions to existing issues and aiding in the development of new ideas. Paris is the epicenter of intercultural dialogue, with UNESCO and the OECD at the forefront of human rights, education, culture, economic progress and communication. Studying here offers me the opportunity to procure French fluency, explore Parisian culture, research women’s rights in Europe and developing countries and equip myself with the skills needed for an impactful career. Making the move to Paris to attend AUP was something I knew would be challenging, but in the very best way possible. I am loving every moment of this adventure!