Speaking the World
Languages and Cultural Literacies

At AUP, we place a high value on the capacity to speak more than one language fluently, and to use second and third languages in research, travel, and internship situations. 

A general education curriculum designed to “envision a world of interdependence” necessarily emphasizes the links between language and culture and between language learning and cultural discovery. As an international and multilingual university, a focus on languages is crucial—on English, the language of most coursework, and on French, the language of the country where we live. 


English, the language of coursework 

In English courses students acquire advanced linguistic skills and the proficiency in reading, argumentation, and editing necessary for effective academic writing. They study important works of world literature, philosophy, and criticism across a wide range of genres and time periods. 

Eight credits earned in two consecutive courses:  


French, the language where we live 

Given our location in France, all AUP students need to attain a higher level of competency in French language, life, and culture than a typical college student studying French in the U.S. Your study of French will aid not only your studies—but help you adapt to life in Paris, too. 

Demonstrated intermediate French language proficiency; French language courses through Elementary French Language and Culture: