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Study Trip

Oslo, Copenhagen & Malmo

Human Rights and Sustainability

Graduate and undergraduate students participate in an inter-departmental study trip to Oslo, Copenhagen, and Malmö. Led by Professors Susan Perry, Tanya Elder, and Suzanne Bodevin, who provide the unique perspectives of their areas of study (Politics, Communications, and Business Administration, respectively), students get to interact with highly committed Human Rights and Sustainability professionals at public and private international institutions.

As they focus on human rights initiatives in Norway, sustainable investment and urban planning processes in Malmö, and the international courts system in Copenhagen, students also meet with government and business representatives to learn how these two sectors work together to make sustainability a priority, particularly through innovative approaches that help address social and environmental challenges. Additionally, an invitation to attend a sustainable investments seminar at the Norwegian Business School provides AUP students with the opportunity to discuss with fund managers the integration of environmental and human rights issues in investment strategies.