Each undergraduate student council member has the unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on the university student body. Council members are good team players with the ability to commit a significant amount of time and effort to participating in SGA.

Once elected, council members receive a €400 stipend and a € 500 orientation payment each semester. Additionally, council members receive a monthly phone stipend as well as access to the SGA office, including a workstation, printing rights, and a university phone line.

USC executive team

The USC President [pdf] is crucial to representing the undergraduate student body both within the University and beyond. Main duties include defining broad SGA vision and goals and playing a leading role in shared governance. Students interested in this role should have strong leadership, organizational, and public speaking skills.

The USC Vice President [pdf] is the undergraduate student council member who keeps operations running smoothly. The main responsibilities include supporting the USC president and presiding over the student senate meetings. Students interested in this role should be organized, deadline-oriented, and able to build consensus.

The USC Communications Director [pdf] is in charge of USC SGA’s communication strategy—everything from tweets to flyers. Students best equipped for this position are good team players with experience in marketing, advertising, or PR, strong writers who can create pithy, diplomatic messages, and who are proficient in Photoshop. You will have access to an ever-growing digital toolkit.

The USC Social Director [pdf] helps bring the diverse student body together as a community through social and cultural events. Working closely with the communications director to publicize all events, the student in this role should be fluent in French, have a strong knowledge of social venues in Paris, be capable of coordinating with outside vendors such as club owners and caterers, and have a strong sense of marketing, advertising, business, and communication.

Student Government Association Treasurer

The SGA Treasurer [pdf] serves the entire Student Government Association, is independent of both the undergraduate and graduate council, and is open to a graduate or undergraduate student. He or she manages the sizable student government budget, often over €100,000 per year, and should have a knack for accounting and juggling numbers. 

If any of these positions interest you, why not consider running for office? Or, feel free to contact the student leadership office if you have any questions.